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Usell Buy Iphone, Inc. operates as a market maker of used smartphones. It acquires products from individual consumers through its Website, as well as from various carriers, big box retailers, and manufacturers through its subsidiary, We Sell Cellular. The company sells its devices to professional buyers, such as brick and mortar retailers, online retailers, large and small wholesalers, small repair shops, large refurbishing providers, and insurance companies, as well as directly to consumers through third party e-commerce platforms. The company was formerly known as Upstream Worldwide, Inc. and changed its name to, Inc. in July 2012., Inc. was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in New York, New York.

usell buy iphone

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I would like to ask your help regarding where I can buy authentic brand new with international warranty of factory unlock iphone5,5s,6,6+,galaxy s5 and note 4,that also offers huge discount for bulk order.Please kindly send reply to my email address: Looking forward to receive your response very soon.

Thank God. I was trying to sell a blackberry and a iphone . Both in flawless(term they use) condition. Told me $4.80 for blackberry and supposedly had no intention of buying I phone. I just started laughing . They must be crazy .I only checked them out to see if their ad on TV was true ...The blackberry is only three years old and the iphone is a year old ...Thank God I read the reviews ...I think I will give them to the armed forces or a domestic program ...You guys and gals need to sue them if what you say is true about your situation..

I am in on that class action! allen13david@aol, com i sent them a brand new iphone 4 with a cracked screen 3 months ago. they quoted me $170 i have received nothing! they have bounced me back and forth between them and who they say is the buyer. The first time i emailed them both I recieved almost the exact same form letter back from both companies. Now niether will answer my emails and only GUZU has a phone number to call but all it does is ring. ### and total scam!

who in the hell sells their cell phones on line when there are plenty of other options out there. I sold 2 lg esteems and an iphone 3 on cl's for 350.00. this ### site offered me 120.00 for all what a joke.

i saw the ad on tv thinking hey, i could make a few bucks on a couple phones i have laying aroundand when i entered usell into the search bar, i saw this blog about scam storiesI read a bunch and I feel for you guysif there is ever a lawsuit I will hope for you guys because i feel bad for those who got scamedplease make people aware of this situation so we can save others from the loss of their money-sincerely, ticked off guy on the sidelines

usell are thieves, i sent them 10 phones and got an email my check is the mail, well it been 3 months. plus theres no way to call them, even though i have a number for them all the recording does is direct u to their lying website. i knew it was probaly to good to be true and it was. they need to be shut down, reported and exposed for the crooks they are. class action law suit .COUNT ME IN. if n e body wants the number here it is but its useless1-[protected] 041b061a72


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