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premier davey has said of the program: the foundation baccalaureate will replace the current inter- vening program and remove the accreditation and autonomy issues. it will no longer be a choice between two masters degrees, but a single opportunity for students to gain a baccalaureate diploma. its purpose will be to provide an alternative degree program for students who wish to prepare for or change careers in business, computing, community services, education or other fields.

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certainly, in this case, the freedom of choice of the education will be lost as students will only be allowed to either earn an ba in x, or an mba in y. yet, the curriculum of the foundation baccalaureate program will be available on the internet or from the ascc&c, and can be easily prepared by the student.

first, the foundation baccalaureate will have an examin- ing body to ensure that the standards are met. in previous cases, there have been problems due to the lack of external authority, lack of continuity and lack of accountability.

moreover, the current system is simply the product of higher education for- llying out of government control. thus, foundation baccalaureate programs provide a degree that is not controlled by the ministry of education. this degree is not controlled by an examination council (an institution that is independent of the institutions issuing the certificates). rather, this foundation baccalaureate program will represent the way the ministry wishes to implement the ba program under its new public post- secondary learning act that is currently before the cabinet for approval. that is, the ministry wishes to set a single standard for all baccalaureate programs and ensure the conformity of all degrees to that standard. moreover, the ministry will provide the examin- ing body and implement the (education) policy, leaving the decision on whether to change any part of the degree to the ascc&c.


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